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              This training centre started functioning from April 1962 as the second of its kind and size in India next to BRBRAITT. It functioned in the old premises of Trivandrum  Engineering College at PMG Junction till July 1982, then it was shifted to its own premises. This institution was upgraded and headed by an Officer of JAG level with effect from 22/03/1994.The training centre complex is situated on the National Highway (NH 47) from Thrivandrum to Kanyakumari, at a distance of 4 KM from Trivandrum Central Railway station/Central Bus station and 8 Kms from International Airport.

            Being one of the premier institutes in Telecom Training, this RTTC has been attracting officers of BSNL from all over the country. The new complex is spread out over an area of 28.47 acres.The buildings were constructed in a seamless manner to integrate with the nature and to provide a harmonious and serene atmosphere for teaching and learning. The environment is glorified with abundance coconut trees and aesthetic background. Nature has blessed with its benevolence. It is also having very good accommodation and food facilities to all the trainees. 

            The timings of RTTC are from 0930 hrs. to 17:00 hrs. with working pattern of 6-day week. The working hours are divided into 6 sessions, with 3 sessions in the morning and 3 sessions in the evening. Provision is made for theory and practical classes, film shows, library and field visits during these sessions. To motivate and encourage the trainees, book awards are given to Ist, 2nd and 3rd rank holders in each of the induction batches on the day of valediction and  relief. 

Objective: To provide induction training to JTOs, JAOs and In-service/Refresher Training to officers. We also organize Seminars and Workshops in order to improve quality of service, which is the need   of the hour.

Quality Policy: Regional Telecommunication Training Centre, Trivandrum is committed to impart high quality training in modern Telecommunication technology areas, satisfying in all respects the requirements and reasonable expectations of the trainees and their sponsors. RTTC is also committed to establish a QMS conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and continually improve the same. Quality shall be the responsibility of each staff of the RTTC in their area of operation.

Training Capacity: The training centre has a targeted capacity to train 11 technical batches and one Accounts and Finance batch. Switching (OCB O&M) and Transmission (OFC&S) are the two specializations in which newly recruited JTOs are trained.



The induction courses for new recruits in the cadre of JTOs and JAOs are ordered by CGM, BRBRAITT, Jabalpur on the basis of demand from various Circles.

 Inservice/ Refresher Training Courses (more than 1 week)

This category of courses is controlled centrally by BRBRAITT Jabalpur for the purpose of ordering the courses and allocation of seats to various circles/units on all India basis.

Short Term Inservice / Refresher COURSES (1 Week)

This category of courses is controlled directly by CGMT, Kerala Telecom Circle, Trivandrum for the purpose of ordering the courses and allocation of seats to various units.  The following courses fall in this category.

a.  Mission oriented Training Courses under action plan for “Mission better Communication”

b.  Field Training Programme at site

c.  Short Term specific purpose job oriented training courses

d.   Seminars & Workshops

ACCOMMODATION: There are separate hostels blocks provided for ladies and gents located inside the campus. The total capacity is 233.A new Hostel with a capacity of 57 individual rooms is available. The hostel mess is run by the trainees themselves and the expenditure is divided among them. (Not on Co-operative basis).


a     Fully furnished accommodation with mess facility.

b     Recreation room and other facilities like Table Tennis, Badminton etc are available.