Our humble history

Telecommunication has been considered as one amongst the four leading indicators of a nation's growth. DOT (Department of Telecom) has been contributing to the development of India for over 150 years, in its various avatars starting with Postal & Telegraph (P&T) and continuing the legacy through BSNL and MTNL. Development of any industry requires well-trained and robust workforce, hence to cater to the growing requirement of talents in telecommunications, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department was started at the College of Engineering, Jabalpur, in 1947. But even before that, by 1920, the then P&T had set up their first training centre in Calcutta.

As and when time passed by and more and more talented youth started joining DOT. Hence the requirement for another Telecom Training Centre, preferably in South India, started gaining a stronghold. Since the academic curriculum followed by the Engineering Colleges were not sufficient to mould Telecommunication Engineers, in 1962 Regional Telecom Training Centre (RTTC), Trivandrum started functioning along with Trivandrum Engineering College at PMG Junction Trivandrum. It was the second of its kind and size in India next to BRBRAITT Jabalpur. In July 1982 it was shifted to its permanent lush green campus of around 28.47 Acres, at Kaimanam, Trivandrum.

The history of Regional Telecom Training Centre, Trivandrum is closely related to that of the telecom revolution in India. Being one of the premier institutes, amongst 22 training centres of BSNL, in Telecom Training, this RTTC has been attracting officers of BSNL from all over the country. The buildings were constructed seamlessly to integrate with nature and to provide a harmonious and serene atmosphere for teaching and learning. The environment is decorated with an abundance of coconut trees and an artistic background. Nature has blessed this training centre with its benevolence. Also, suitable accommodation and dining facilities are extended to all of its trainees.

The Regional Telecom Training Institute, Trivandrum have been a centre of excellence in telecom technology training for the officers of BSNL for over 58 years. Now, this premier institute has opened its training facilities to non-BSNL trainees as well. It now boasts of an exquisite clientele that includes Indian Armed forces (Army, Navy & Air force), Kerala Police, SBT, Kerala Treasuries, etc. among others.